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Q: How do I sort through all of the available numbers to find one that works for me?

A: We will sort through them for you! Let us know what type of business you have and we can offer you the numbers that would best work for you!

Q: Which type of number is better? One that is a repeating number sequence or one that spells out something associated with my business?

A: They both have tremendous advantages. Contact us today to let one of our agents discuss the possibilities with you.

Q: Is it really worth the cost of obtaining a vanity number? What kind of return on my investment can I expect to see?

A: The cost to obtain a unique number is not as much as you might think. Because of the unique marketing opportunities that are attached to each number, once you start using an easy to remember number, your marketing and advertising will be able to take off and you will have a great opportunity to build your brand or business around it.

Through word of mouth and referrals, being identified among your competition, and being a stand out in your area has many rewards and will allow you to attract more business. With your upfront investment in the number, you won’t necessarily need a huge advertising budget to effectively advertise your unique number. Now you can market smarter, not harder!