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Make your brand memorable. Stop wasting your marketing dollars.  A vanity phone number will make your business stand out from the competition.  Higher call volumes bring more customers and clients.  Market smarter, not harder.

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“It is estimated that an advertising response rate can easily surpass an increase of between 30%-60% simply by having an easy to remember phone number!”

SAK Marketing | Buffalo, NY Vanity Phone Numbers

Testimonials from Actual Clients

“Acquiring our repeater number approximately five years ago is one of the best marketing decisions our law firm has made.  We were the first in the market with a repeater and it was instrumental in helping us build brand and acquire market share in a competitive market.  In  five years we have gone from not fully occupying a five thousand square foot building with 20 employees to soon breaking ground on a new twenty thousand square foot building capable of accommodating  75 employees.   This initiative combined with outdoor, internet and TV has made us one of the most recognizable brands in our market. I would recommend a single digit repeater number over a vanity number because it does a better job of breaking through the clutter. Lastly, I am grateful to my friends at SAK marketing for bringing this opportunity to attention.” – Mr. Geoff McDonald, CEO and President of Geoff McDonald & Associates, PC.

“Eight years ago, the William Mattar law firm consisted of a few attorneys with a small staff.  After implementing this simple marketing strategy, the firm now has 24 attorneys and over 70 staff members.  The number of cases we handle per year has exploded.  Prior to implementing the strategy, our market consisted of ads that promoted the firm, but the phone number was unremarkable for someone to recall.  The simple strategy is to brand your firm by partnering it with a single digit telephone number.  For the William Mattar firm, it is “Hurt in a Car, Call William Mattar at 444-4444.”- Mr. William Mattar, Owner and President of William Mattar Law Offices.

About SAK Marketing

Leave an Impression with Vanity Numbers. The average consumer is bombarded with advertising all day long; from billboards and signs on roadways and public transportation, to online, email, television and radio. Your memorable marketing can stand out in the crowd. The cost of a vanity number is not as much as you may think. You can actually SAVE money because your advertising and marketing costs will be lower.

Once you obtain and start using your number, it will catch on and you will not need to work on extensive creative campaigns – basic advertising can generate a much greater response.

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